Katrien Barrat - C-Change

founder C-Change

Capitalizing on about 18 years experience in market development roles at director level in services and telecom, Katrien Barrat founded C-Change in 2009, focusing on sustainable business model innovation.
Katrien focuses on fundamentally understanding the consumer and market needs. From the why, to the what for who and how with an implementation-driven and hands-on approach, supported by a full portfolio of market research.
Passionate about leadership and coaching, she loves to teach and tell the story and make people grow. Katrien has been invited for guest lectures at Vlerick, UCL, UGhent, Karel De Grote Hogeschool and Howest.
Typical quote of her: "Companies think they sell products or services, in reality people hire them to get jobs done in their lives. The customer rarely buys what the company thinks it sells him. Nobody pays for a 'product'. What is paid for is satisfaction."