Jason Perks

Sustainability Service Director en medeoprichter van Two Tomorrows – een DNV Company

Jason specializes in the field of sustainability, with a particular interest in communications, strategy and partnerships. With over fourteen years' experience in environmental and sustainability research and advice, Jason has a distinguished record working with a wide range of organizations, globally.
His recent work includes reporting, benchmarking, risk and opportunity assessments, business case development, policy and strategy development as well as non-financial report assurance.
Jason leads Two Tomorrows’ highly regarded professional training services. He has presented at international conferences and regularly addresses corporate boards on sustainability. Jason is Sustainability Service Director and co-founder of Two Tomorrows - a DNV company. He is also a member of AA1000 Interim Standards Board and the AA1000AS and APS technical committee.

Bekijk hier het interview met Jason Perks (Seminarie Duurzaam Communiceren 2012)